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“ Hiring you to represent me in my divorce was the right decision. You made a difficult situation tolerable and worked for a fair resolution. ... I'd recommend you as legal representative should family or friends need a trusted attorney. ”
– Sue in Utica
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A better approach to divorce — a better solution for you.

Cleland Collaborative Solutions

The goal of Cleland Collaborative Solutions is to improve the divorce process for families in our community. We believe that a better divorce process begins with a full understanding of the available approaches to your divorce and how each approach suits your goals. So we offer a free, 1 hour consultation to help you get off to the right start — with absolutely no obligation. We also provide a library of free, Michigan divorce resources to help you make more informed decisions about your future. We hope you find them helpful.

We know that the best divorce outcomes are possible when clients are empowered to make good decisions, remain in control of the process, and are able to remain effective communicators despite the emotional turmoil they face. These fundamental elements are easiest to achieve with out-of-court divorce options like mediation and collaborative practice. But no matter whether you are facing an in court or out-of-court divorce, we will help you to make these elements a part of your divorce — at a cost you can afford.

Let Cleland Collaborative Solutions change your expectations of divorce. Questions? Contact us!

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