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Our fee structure is based on the services you choose and the complexity of the issues involved.

Our standard hourly fee for collaborative practice and mediation is $200 to $250 per hour.  The retainer required for a mediation will usually vary between $2000 to $4,000 depending on the services you require and the complexity of the situation. The retainer for collaborative practice will generally be $3500 and above. 

Generally, our hourly rate and retainer are less for mediation and collaborative practice than in-court divorce. 

Any unearned portion of the retainer is fully refundable. We will discuss up front what fees to expect for your particular matter during our free one hour consultation.

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One of the primary missions of Cleland Collaborative Solutions is to help you resolve your divorce in Michigan without going to court, through mediation and collaborative practice. Learn more about the benefits of these approaches.
Although Cleland Collaborative Solutions sees divorce litigation as a last resort, it may be unavoidable. In these cases, our work centers on protecting your interests while preventing costly, unnecessary battles. Learn about how we help.

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