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FAQs, stories, thoughts and articles on divorce from the collaborative perspective.

Proposed Child Custody Law Exposes Flaws of Divorce Court

Many of you may have heard about a proposed bill in Michigan to effectively require judges to award both parents shared decision-making power over their children and give both parents nearly equal time with the children. Those who oppose this bill of…
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Improving Divorce By Involving Our Local Community

Years ago courts in our country were far different than they are today.  The predominant characteristic of nineteenth-century courts across the United States was localism.  By “localism” I mean that courts worked on the basis of general…
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The Age of Divorce

It seems like nowadays all I hear about is how the country is heading in the wrong direction. Wendell Berry, a writer, philosopher, farmer and father of the locally grown food movement, has been saying this far before it became fashionable.  Since t…
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A Mindful Divorce

The concept of “mindfulness” –   the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment and to be able to quiet your mind- is everywhere nowadays. Research in contemplative neuroscience suggests that practicing mindfulness has a p…
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Co-Parenting Begins With Your Divorce.

Co-parenting occurs when two divorced parents are able to work cooperatively and collaboratively as parents after a divorce. It is the most important gift that divorcing parents can provide their children.  Nonetheless, co-parenting is often the exc…
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Divorce: The Forgotten Injury

Divorce has been shown to have a devastating effect on the health of people, especially children.  Why is this? And what can we do to improve the health and well-being of people going through divorce?        Divorce has been shown to have a de…
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Divorce and Decision Making

I don’t claim that mediation and collaborative practice is for everyone, but I do maintain that these divorce methods are a possibility for nearly all divorcing couples where substance abuse and domestic violence are not issues.  Yet, I also reali…
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Changing Old Ways for the Better - Family Court

I recently read a book by Atul Gawande titled “Being Mortal.” It describes the history behind the American medical system’s care for the elderly. In it I found many parallels between this history and the history of our family court system. The…

​Getting Your Spouse to Agree to an Out-of-Court Divorce Method

In my experience, people would choose to avoid going to divorce court if they have a desirable alternative. But I have met with many a person who wanted desperately to work cooperatively with their spouse to resolve their divorce out of court, but ar…

Out-of-Court Divorce is for Real People

Many people believe that out-of-court divorce — e.g. through mediation or collaborative divorce — is only for people who get along and don’t fight. I have heard family law attorneys that are unfamiliar with out-of-court divorce describe it as f…


One of the primary missions of Cleland Collaborative Solutions is to help you resolve your divorce in Michigan without going to court, through mediation and collaborative practice. Learn more about the benefits of these approaches.
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