Our Approach to Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. The goal of Cleland Collaborative Solutions is to minimize the stress and conflict caused by divorce, keep our clients in control over their divorce and provide our clients a less costly and better result.

We reach this goal by empowering our clients to be good decision makers. As part of this endeavor we take a team approach to divorce, by making experts in financial and mental health divorce issues available to assist our clients.

We also help our clients to maximize communication and collaboration in their divorce. By doing so we keep our clients in control over their future and contain and resolve conflicts, which leads to better results. This approach is essential for families concerned about the health and well-being of their children.

Finally, although we do represent clients in court, we encourage our clients to resolve their divorce without going to court, including the use of mediation and collaborative practice.

Questions about our approach, or whether a collaborative solution is right for you? Contact us for a free consultation. We're happy to discuss your options without any obligation to help you decide what's best for you and your family to minimize the financial and emotional stress of divorce.

Our Approach to Divorce

Our Approach Explained

Empowering Clients

Supportive Teams

Communication & Collaboration


One of the primary missions of Cleland Collaborative Solutions is to help you resolve your divorce in Michigan without going to court, through mediation and collaborative practice. Learn more about the benefits of these approaches.
Although Cleland Collaborative Solutions sees divorce litigation as a last resort, it may be unavoidable. In these cases, our work centers on protecting your interests while preventing costly, unnecessary battles. Learn about how we help.

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